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x2svg is a tool to render tree like structures graphically as scalable vector graphic (SVG). The SVG can then be converted to other formats like e.g. PDF or raster formats like PNG. The PDF converter is already built into x2svg. See below for a list of input formats.
x2svg is written in Java.

Here is an example:
This DTD

<!-- The root element of this DTD-->
<!ELEMENT root (a? ,b+ ,c*)>
<!--A simple character node-->
<!--A selection of d or e-->
<!ELEMENT b (a,(d|e|f?|g)*)>
<!ELEMENT c (f+,hello*)>
<!ELEMENT e (f+|d?|g*)>
<!ELEMENT hello (#PCDATA)>

will result in a diagram like this:
Sample output
Currently, there are parsers for Someone :) should improve the parser for XML Schema documents. You can find more ideas on how to contribute on the Todos page.

Install etc.

See this file. It is also contained in the distribution in the doc/ directory.

Download the package

You can download the sources for

Source code

Source code is availale in the above mentioned Download section. If you want to access to the code between releases, then have a look at the Project page at SourceForge where you can browse the subversion repository.

Javadoc is also viewable online


You can browse the here or have a look at the file changes.html in the doc/ folder of the distribution.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

The Project page at SourceForge also links to the project mailing lists.


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