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1.2.2, 2008/xx/yy
  • Add a preference to draw shadows in only one color or anti-aliased as before.
1.2.1, 2008/07/13
  • Draw shadows on the connection lines.
  • Fixed a bug that produced 'steps' even in straight lines.
1.2, 2008/05/13
  • Pass debug flag to the parsers.
  • Add the possibility in the GUI to pass parser specific options to the parser (SF fr#1956587).
  • Allow parsing of attributes and element comments. It depends on the individual parser if this is supported (SF FR#1940442). As this is still somewhat experimental, it is turned off by default.
  • Pull ant.lib into lib/, so the IDE can use this one.
  • Allow parsing of types in the XSD parser (SF FR#1947079)
1.2beta3, 2008/04/27
  • Updated the libraries on the scripts to match the libraries introduced in 1.2-beta2 (SF bug#1944294).
  • Added the possibility to the XSD parser to just show references to substitutonGroups, but not the whole substituted group (SF fr#1769065).
  • Added the possibility to limit the depth of the parsed tree of the XSD Parser
  • It is now possible to get the parser specific help on the command line and to list modes and suffixes (SG bug#1950350)
  • Fix errors with options without argument and NPE without input file (SF bug#1951088).
1.2-beta2, 2008/04/13
  • Fixes around the printing of the comment.
  • Some code cleanup
  • Added an ant target to automatically pull in the dependencies.
  • Upgraded testng to 5.7 and fop to 0.95beta / batik 1.7
  • Allow the gui to directly show the generated SVG. This needs your help - see
1.2-beta1, 2007/08/13
  • Documentation updates
  • Changed handling of the property file. See properties.html.
  • Fixed a bug where the directory path of the input was appended to the output if only a directory was given for output conversion (x2svg-Bugs-1770327)
  • The gui no longer silently swallows errors (x2svg-Bugs-1771512)
  • Comments can be added to a diagram e.g. stating the input file or user (x2svg-FR-1770604)
  • Improved XSD handling. Recursions are handled and a big Schema from @work can now be parsed. Inheritance is honored.
  • Fix for: "The DTDParser was going into an endless loop" (x2svg-Bugs-1766097).
  • Added a test suite.
1.1gui, 2007/07/29
  • Added a simle GUI to use x2svg without command line
  • Added batch scripts for Windows
Release 1.1, 2007/07/20
  • Much work on the ant task (by Gareth Floodgate).
  • Refactoring of outputConverters. Enables support for TIFF, JPEG and EPS as well.
    • SvgConverter, as replacement for SVG2PNG and SVG2PDF, can be used stand alone.
    • Output file type for converters can be given without a file name or as directory only.
    • More than one output conversion at a time can be specified with the -c switch.
  • Improved plugin loading to better suit the needs of the ant task (by Gareth Floodgate)
1.1beta1, 2007/07/03
  • Initial (read: alpha) version of a XML Schema parser
  • Added the option to create png images as well
  • X2svg can now be run as ant task (by Gareth Floodgate)
  • build.xml Parser can now also show all targets (parser option '-f')
  • build.xml Parser now follows <antcall>
  • DTDParser can guess the root element if not provided (by Gareth Floodgate)
  • Support for empty and anonymous elements in the DTDParser (by Gareth Floodgate)
Release 1.0, 2007/05/28
  • I18N and messages in DE locale. Those are encoded in iso-8859-1.
  • Fix error in font handling, that made its way into the code at the last code shuffling.
  • Text color can now be specified in the properties as a 24bit RGB value. This can be encoded as hex like 0xrrggbb, as it is well know from 'the web'.
  • Build.xml parser: Put the name of the default target at the root of the tree.
  • Javadoc is now no longer built on a normal ant run. Use the javadoc target to build the javadoc documentation.
1.0beta3, 2007/05/24
  • Add a -d depth option to the DtdParser to limit the tree depth. Default is unlimited.
  • Introduce a ParserProblemException to report errors in parsing the input.
  • Fix handling of -d option, which swallowed a non-exiting arg.
  • Internal code shuffling in order to prepare for a possible Swing-Frontend.
  • Fixed the test for presence of x2svg.jar in
1.0beta2, 2007/05/14
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of ? and * in dtd elements -- those were reversed.
  • Rework of parser architecture. Parsers are now "real" plugins.
  • The ant task 'run-sample' now writes the results into the 'out' folder in the project tree. Samples for provided parsers are run.
  • Implementation of a simple parser for ant build files.
  • Fixed an off by one drawing problem of the link between ContentModel and ElementBox, which resulted in a line with a little hole.
1.0beta1, 2007/05/10
First public beta release including a DTD and Properties parser.