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Zwitscher - a Twitter client for Android

Zwitscher is a client for Twitter for Android handsets.

The client is for me to learn about Android and is written as Open Source (no license selected so far :-).
Another feature is the support for user lists as first class citizens.

As with any other open source project, feedback is welcome -- be it as comment, be it as code contribution. Check out the GitHub issue tracker

Heiko -


Zwitscher is now available on the Android market.

Source code is (except for one file - see the README file) released as open source on github at The compiled apk contains the missing file though.

New Features in V 0.60

New Features in V 0.50

New Features in V 0.41

New Features in V 28

New Features in V 25


After starting Zwitscher for the first time you need to login using your Twitter username and password. If everything is ok, you should land on the main screen

Details Screen


This is a list of things I plan to address